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Make sure to read these before you make a booking:-

1. The person by whom the agreement is signed shall be considered the hirer.

2. The starting and finishing times of the hire shall be agreed to at the time of booking and shall be strictly adhered to and the period between such times shall be known as the ‘hiring period’. Setting up and tidying away must be included in this time. 

3. The hirer shall ensure that good order is kept throughout the hiring period and that the premises are used in a responsible manner. If any damage occurs the hirer shall be liable for the cost of repairs and/or reinstatement. NO DOGS EXCEPT ASSISTANCE DOGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE HALL.

4. The hirer shall, at the end of the hiring period, leave the premises in a clean and orderly state. 

5. No excisable liquor shall be sold on the premises, unless a Justices’ Licence for the premises is in force during the hiring period. Alcohol may be consumed as long as it is not sold.

6 .No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung without the licence of the owner of the copyright, and the hirer shall indemnify the owners, the Management Committee, and each member thereof against any infringement of the copyright which may occur during the hiring period, and against any litigation which may arise from such infringement. 

7. The conditions attached to the Music, Singing, Dancing Licence for the premises shall be duly observed. A copy of the licence is on display in the entrance to the hall, and the hirer shall be deemed to have had notice of such conditions. The hall is fully PRS licensed.

8. Parties and all social functions must finish be 11.30pm and the hall and car park must be vacated by midnight.

9. No flags, emblems, placards or advertisements shall be displayed inside or outside any part of the premises without the previous consent of the Management Committee and the hirer shall, in any event, remove all such items at the end of the hiring period. 

10.No placards, decorations, advertisements, stage scenery and effects shall be mounted or displayed inside any part of the premises if the displays may expose the premises or any part thereof to a risk of fire, and, in any event the hirer shall remove all the above at the end of the hiring period. 

11. No bolts, tacks, nails or screws etc, shall be attached to or driven into any part of the premises or the fixtures thereof nor shall any placards or advertisements or other articles be attached or fixed thereto. 

12. No additional lights or extensions from the existing electrical fittings shall be used without the consent of the Management Committee. 

13. The hirer shall not sublet the premises or any part thereof. 

14. The right of entry to any part of the premises is reserved to all members of the Management Committee and any Police Officer during the hiring period. 

15. Neither the owners, the Management Committee nor any member thereof shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hiring, nor for any loss, damage or injury which may be suffered to any person or persons resorting to the premises during the hiring period arising from whatever cause whatsoever, or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of the electricity supply, leakage of water, or of gas, fire , government restrictions or Act of God, which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed, or the hiring interrupted or cancelled, and the hirer shall indemnify the Management Committee and the owners against any which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person resorting to  the premises during the hiring period in respect of any such loss, damage or injury. 

16. The full  cost of the booking must be paid THREE WEEKS before the day of the booking, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. Emergency/last minute bookings must bepaidat the time of booking.

17. In the event of a booking by a person or organisation not being a constituent body of the Groby Hall Village Management Committee and in any event when a licensed bar is required or alcohol is supplied or consumed, the hirer shall, before the event pay a deposit of £100 to cover any breakages, damage, acts of vandalism or extra cleaning required, which may occur during the hiring period. This will be refunded to the hirer provided no damage, breakages, acts of vandalism or extra cleaning is required that occurred during  the hiring period. A £100 damage deposit will also be required for all parties.

18. The hirer shall at all times comply with the safety regulations in respect of numbers attending  functions, emergency exits, emergency lights, etc, imposed by the Fire Prevention Officer. No naked lights except birthday cakes to be lit and these ned to be away from smoke detectors.

19. As  a result of recent damage to the hall floors stiletto heels must not be worn in rooms with wooden floors. It is also NOT PERMITTED TO LIGHT NAKED FLAMES in the hall, due to setting off smoke detectors, apart from small birthday cakes.

20. The use of hall furniture is included in the hire fee. Use of the kitchen is also included but may involve co-operation with other hirers if rooms are being hired separately..


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